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Danse comes to Paris in the hea(r)t of the summer

Every summer since its creation, the festival Les Etés de la Danse offers French and foreign audiences the occasion to delight in the talents of the world's greatest dance compagnies. 


During the season when most Parisian theaters close their doors for a well-deserved rest, Les Etés de la Danse brings together dance-lovers and first-time spectators to experience high-quality performances programmed for their large audience appeal.

all types of dance

Classical ballet and contemporary dance make up an important part of the cultural mystique of Paris.  Dance has its traditions, its celebrated artists and its faithful and fervent audiences that seek out all forms of expression.

The programs of Les Étés de la Danse contribute to the enrichment of this art form, and the city of Paris plays a starring role



12 years of dance shared with our audiences

Created in July 2005, Les Étés de la Danse quickly became the choreographic  event of the summer. Summer performances are rare in Paris, but audiences are not: tourists come from near and far, as do Parisians who are ready to enjoy long summer evenings in the city.
Each year, Les Étés de la Danse invites an extraordinary  company, choreographer, or performer to Paris where a growing number of spectators discover outstanding corps de ballet and soloists.

Photo Andrew Eccles