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For its 15th edition

Les Étés de la Danse

comes back with passion


come and see




choregraphed  by Johan Inger

danced by the Compañía Ncional de Danza de España

directed by José Martínez



from July 8 to 17

at Théâtre Mogador

Who better than the Compañía Nacional de Danza de España to interpret Carmen's passionate and fiery temperament?

Especially when its artistic director, José Martínez, entrusts the choreography to a man from the North, Johan Inger!

Revisiting the myth without ever betraying it, the Swedish choreographer skilfully moves the original setting of the novel - the tobacco factory, the outskirts of Seville and the Ronda mountains - into a more urban universe and a blurred temporality.

Mirrors that multiply silhouettes to infinity, a luminous spectrum between colors and black shadows: the combination of warm and cold gives a new breath to this ballet which doubles its energy and its lust.

More than ever Carmen is a free, courageous and contemporary heroine.

Johan Inger created a new version of Carmen, without limiting himself to the romanticism of the story.

The romantic image of excessive love, uncontrolled jealousy and the anguish of abandonment is crystallized in the fear of a child's gaze, witness of the story and companion of the spectator.

Johan Inger's Carmen is not based on an aesthetic of flamenco or Spanish folklore but on those of an urban 20th century. The spaces, defined by structures of a grey and black tone, plunge us into a subtle atmosphere that reminds us of the 1960s.

Almost two centuries after the publication of Mérimée's novel, Carmen is no longer at the hands of its creator. By flirting with cinema, opera, dance and even painting, it has become a symbol, a transcendence, the perfect vehicle that creators use to talk about Freedom.

choreography Johan Inger

choreography assistant Urtzi Aranburu

music Rodion Shchedrin

and Georges Bizet

additional original music Marc Alvarez

original publisher of the musical work Carmen Suite

Bizet-Shchedrin Musikverlag, Hans Sikorski, Hamburg

costumes David Delfín

dramaturgy Gregor Acuña-Pohl

scenography Curt Allen Wilmer (AAPEE)

lighting design Tom Visser



World premiere by the

Compañía Nacional de Danza de España on April 9, 2015

at the Teatro de la Zarzuela, Madrid (Spain)


Johan Inger received the Benois Dance Award 2016

for his choreography Carmen,

created for the CND


copyright © Carlos Quezada